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Standards and Workbooks by Judy


Standards for the Training Function. (Training Certification, Inc. 1995, three-ring binder, 200 pages $75.00.).  The standards are in a workbook format and come with a CD that contains performance checklists, sample surveys, and interview questions you can adapt to your own use.  There are seven standards, 43 performances, and 293 criteria for evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of the training function.  The standards are:

1.      Customer Relations

2.      Leadership

3.      Measures

4.      Processes

5.      Marketing

6.      Change

7.      Managing the Assets


How the Standards Were Developed


Judith established a taskforce with representatives from business and industry to develop the standards.  The members of the taskforce were:

¨      ABB, Art Isaacs, Director of Worldwide Training and Certification and Eric Berlin, Global Certification Program Manager

¨      Allstate, Mark Lindner, Director of Training and Development

¨      AT&T, Linda Rublee, District Manager, AT&T School of Business

¨      Bellcore TEC, Roger Place, Manager, ISO 9000

¨      ComEd Paul Sikkema, Manager of Nuclear Maintenance and Operations

¨      Corporate Dynamics, Jolynn Wade, Training Consultant

¨      Discover Card, Robyn Mendolson, Senior Training Consultant

¨      FedEx, George Pollard, Manager of HRD

¨      IBM, Richard Davis, Education Consulting Services Manager

¨      McDonald’s, Wayne Wolf, Department Head, International Purchasing

¨      Sandia National Laboratories, Charline Seyfer, Corporate Education Manager

¨      SWI, Diane Wagner, Senior Consultant

¨      U.S. Department of Defense, Diana Davis, Training Consultant  


How to Order The Standards


You can order the Standards at with a purchase order. 


Workbook by Judy


Workbook and Job Aids for Developing Valid Tests (Training Certification, Inc. 1995, soft cover, spiral bound, 100 pages $60.00).  This workbook contains the rules, examples, guidelines, and worksheets for:

¨      Designing a test

¨      Developing performance objectives

¨      Developing multiple-choice questions

¨      Developing matching questions

¨      Developing fill-in questions

¨      Developing performance checklists

¨      Doing an item analysis

¨      Setting pass scores


How to Order The Workbook


You can order the Workbook at with a purchase order. 


White Papers by Judy


Periodically, Judy develops white papers.  Electronic copies of these papers are available for free.  The white papers are:

¨      A Perspective on Performance Improvement Consulting

¨      A Perspective on Work Process Redesign

¨      An Overview of Certification Programs

¨      Business Planning Guide

¨      A Perspective on Competencies


How to Order The White Papers


To get copies of the White Papers please send your request to