The Institute is an Illinois-based L3C with a social entrepreneurial focus on improving performance in P-12 education and in the workplace.  The Institute serves all sectors using revenue generated to support P-12 improvement. The Institute is organized into two channels: P-12 Performance Improvement and All-Sector Performance Improvement.  Dr. Judith Hale, PhD, CPT is CEO. Deb Page, CPT is President.  


The Institute has chosen to focus its work on developing highly effective practitioners to make the transition to performance consultants, trainers, and coaches who are adept in performance-based approaches to improvement and sustainability. It believes that solutions are best developed “in the field for the field for the field”.  Partnerships are hallmarks of the work of the Institute.


Mission Statement:  To facilitate meaningful work and sustainable performance in education and the workplace. 


Vision Statement:  To have in place a national community of practice of dedicated professionals who demonstrate commitment and proficiency in facilitating systemic, sustainable performance improvement.


Business Philosophy: To apply Human Performance Improvement and social entrepreneurial practices to promote performance improvement in P-12 education and the workplace for the greater good.


Goals and Objectives:

  1. Advance evidence-based certification across all sectors, with social entrepreneurial focus on P-12 education and create precedents for evidence-based educator certification in all states.
  2. Build the capacity of performance improvement practitioners and consultants.
  3.  Develop and support a national cadre of performance improvement experts who can effectively consult to their sectors or organizations using human performance improvement tools and methods, their unique contextual expertise, and peer-to-peer and virtual coaching.
  4. Provide consulting and training support to P-12 organizations to decrease time to competency for district leaders, develop talent and performance management expertise in education leaders and increase the effectiveness of school improvement practitioners.
  5.  Support recognition of proficient performance through evidence-based and skill-specific job certifications that recognize individual leader and school improvement practitioner proficiency and performance with a proven impact on the leading and lagging indicators of organizational performance.
  6. Support innovations and breakthroughs that improve education and the workplace and improve quality of life. 

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