The chapters are:

The School Improvement Specialist Field Guide, by Deb Page, CPT and Judith Hale, Ph.D., CPT. (ISBN: 978-1-4522-4089-3 (pbk) Corwin, 2013, 200 pages, $40) All of the tools referenced in the book are available electronically.


The chapters parallel the ten standards on which the Certified School Improvement Specialist (CSIS) certification is based.  It is full of stories, examples, and non-examples that exemplify the facilitation skills required to enable others to do what is required to improve the performance of school leaders and students in ways that are sustainable.


Recent reviews call it a "must have" book for anyone doing performance improvement work  Received the Outstanding Communications Award from ISPI, 2014

1. Analyze and Apply Critical Judgment

2. Facilitgate Deriving Meaning and Engagement

3. Focus on Systemic Factors

4. Plan and Record

5. Organize and Manage Efforts and Resources

6. Guide and Focus on Colaborative Improvement

7. Build Capacity

8. Demonstrate Organizational Sensitivity

9. Monitor Accountability and Action

10. Implement for Sustainability


The chapters are:

Performance-Based Certification: How to design a valid, defensible, cost-effective program, 2nd Ed  by Judith Hale, Ph.D., CPT. (ISBN: 0787946400, Pfeiffer, 2012, hardcover, 200 pages, $70) All of the tools are available electronically you can use to develop your own program.  A kindle version is available.

Describes all aspects of developing, implementing, and maintaining a certification program. The guidelines cover how to certify employees, contractors, third-party distributors, suppliers, and customers. Each chapter describes common mistakes and tips on how to avoid them.

Chapter three alone is worth the price of the book. Roger Kaufman

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Received the Outstanding Communications Award from ISPI, 2014. 

1. Business driver

2. Requirements

3. Standards

4. Business case

5. Assessment

6. Governance & administration

7. Re-certification & maintenance

8. Going global

9. Implementation

10. Measuring results

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The chapters are:

Performance Consultants Fieldbook: Tools and techniques for improving organizations and people, 2nd Ed  by Judith Hale, Ph.D., CPT. (ISBN: 0-7879-8534-1, Pfeiffer, 2007, softcover, 240 pages $45.00.)  Has a CD with over 27 tools you can use.  A kindle version is availale.

A best seller.  Used by practitioners and universities.  The first part focuses on how to become a performance consultant.  The second part provides models and guidelines for identifying barriers to performance, diagnosing performance problems, selecting interventions, and measuring results. 

 A pragmatic guidethe examples reflect real-world situations.

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Part One: Making the Transition

1.      Performance consulting

2.      The transition

3.      Costs

4.      Credibility

5.      Implementation

Part Two: Performance Consulting

6.      Environment and norms

7.      Needs assessment

8.      Interventions

9.      Measuring results

10.  Measuring people performance



The chapters are:

Outsourcing Training: by Judith Hale, Ph.D., CPT. (ISBN: 0787940194, Pfeiffer, 2007, hardcover, 172 pages $45.00.)  Has a CD with over 33 tools you can use.

This book provides useful tools and decision guides you can use when considering outsourcing some or all of the tasks associated with outsourcing some or all of a staff function. 

brims with practical guidance, wise counsel, rich examples and, best of all, helpful tools.

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1.      Outsourcing: A business & Economic Model

2.      Identifying the Need

3.      Assessing Capacity & Capability

4.      Selecting the Outsourcing Firm

5.      Contracting

6.      Starting Up

7.      Managing the Relationship

8.      Closing out





Performance-Based Management: What Every Manager Should Do to Get Results by Judith Hale, Ph.D., CPT. (ISBN: 0787960365, Pfeiffer, 2003, 200 pages, $50.00).  Includes a CD with over 20 tools you can modify for your own use. 

This book is for first line managers, supervisors, and HRD and performance improvement consultants.  It is full of techniques, examples, and guidelines for helping people be more productive.

brimming with practical advice, useful tips and techniques.Whether you are new to supervision or a seasoned veteran, this book is a must!


The chapters are:

1.      How leaders set direction

2.      How to identify objectives

3.      How to provide direction

4.      How to set expectations

5.      How to identify behaviors that lead to performance

6.      How to get the most from training & orientation

7.      How to use job aids to support performance

8.      How to make giving feedback less painful

9.      How to recognize & reward people


The chapters are:


Performance-Based Evaluation: Tools and techniques to measure the impact of training by Judith Hale, Ph.D., CPT.  (ISBN: 0787960357, Pfeiffer, 2002, hardcover, 275 pages, $52.00.)  Includes a CD with over 40 tools. 

Each chapter contains examples of real world applications, tools, common missteps, and tips and techniques.

Contains critical yet rigorous methods, tools, and advice on all aspects of measurement.

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1.      Evaluation as a strategy

2.      Why measure effectiveness and efficiency

3.      How to measure effectiveness

4.      How to measure efficiency

5.      How to measure hard & soft skills

6.      How to measure required programs

7.      How to measure elective training

8.      How to evaluate delivery alternatives

9.      How to sample people & documents

10.  How to collect data

11.  How to analyze data descriptively

12.  How to analyze data- inferentially



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