The Institute for Performance Improvement, L3C is incorporated in the State of Illinois.  Illinois created the L3C to encourage entrepreneurs to take on social issues.  Known as TIfPI, the Institute applies Human Performance Improvement to social issues, specifically workforce development and school improvement as evidenced by sustained gains in workplace performance or student achievement.  

TIfPI offers evidence-based certifications to:

  • School improvement specialists who demonstrate sustained gains in student achievement (Certified School Improvement Specialist, CSIS).
  • Managers of certification programs who demonstrate evidence their credentials support the intended goal (Certified Assessment and Credentialing Professional, CACP).
  • Developers of learning solutions who demonstrate sustained gains in workforce capabilities and workplace performance through their solutions including instructor-led training, simulations, e-learning, serious games, job-aids, and the like (Certified Instructional Developers, ID).   was instrumental in the development of the certified school improvement specialist designation (CSIS) an evidence-based certification.  

TIfPI was started by Judy Hale and Deb Page, Principal of Willing Learner.  Deb and Judy began working together in 2008 and found they shared a passion for and expertise in servicing both the public and private sectors in innovative, practical, and result producing ways.   They incorporated TIfPI in 2012 as it provided a platform for their interest in school improvement and workforece development.  Deb and Judy's book, the School Improvement Specialist Field Guide (2013) is the first publication of its kind that focuses on the facilitation skills required to prepare school personnel at all levels to improve student acheivement through the development of 21st century skills.  The book received the Outstanding Communications Award given by the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) in April, 2014.


TIfPI is supported by two communities of practice (CoPs).  One CoP is made up of high performing school superintendents and school improvement specialists.  It is focused on building the capacity of school leaders (principals, superintendents, and school boards) to support the development of 21st century skills in students.  The second CoP is made up of proven performance improvement experts with a passion for workforce development.   The industry CoP assists professional and trade organizations, businesses, and government agencies in their initiatives to rapidly upskill today's workforce.  


Collectively the CoP members have expertise in learning technologies (authoring systems, LMS, mobile devices), change management, certification, and capacity bulding.  TIfPI's products and services include:

  • Audits of Curricula and Certifications to confirm their effectiveness and efficiency.
  • A certificate program on the Business of Consulting.
  • The Certified Assessment and Credentialing Professional (CACP) designation.
  • Consultation on the design of credentials, especially for emerging professions involved in complex, multi-disciplinary work
  • Training others to do performance improvement work
  • Research on best practices related to capacity building, productivity improvement, workforce development, and credentialing.

To learn more, please contact Judy or Deb at, or